Some that I know personally, in Canada, idealise China because they are growing so fast and their people appear to be coming out of poverty at a greater rate than any nation in history.I spent six weeks there in 1991, and my parents lived and worked there for over two years; away from tourist areas. My suggestion, travel there and go where most tourists don’t dare tread, go there and speak out for freedom, see what happens, and then decide if you still idealize this China. It is easy to idealise a place we have never been, and to think highly of a system of government we have never lived under. Idealism is easy from afar. The economy may be growing but there are other kinds of ‘poverty’, and we, the people of free nations, have become complacent about our democratic governments. We can’t even bother to vote in large numbers. We’ve no idea what we have here, and in every free nation around the globe. We are SPOILED.

Although there has been minimal coverage of recent arrests, there have been dozens in the last month, in China. Individuals who dare to speak out for freedom are being ‘disappeared’. This has happened in closed communist and fascist regimes the world over, throughout history. Why are nations around the world, including the US, willing to abide by the atrocious actions of a government against its own people?  I will tell you why, China is paying OUR bills. They are like the tyrannical parent of free nations the world over, and they hold the Piggy Bank as ransom for our complacency.

Sunday Ai Weiwei (the artist that was commissioned to build the Olympic Bird’s Nest Stadium) was detained, and today the government paper in China said he will suffer the consequences of his actions and words against the Chinese government. China is a country that treats its own like a land owner would have treated its peasants in our near past, while we gain the dollars that flow from their blood. This is not progress! This is slave labour; and free nations around the world are depending on the fruits of China, while the people in China that pay down OUR debts, gain little to no freedom and human rights themselves! Our short sightedness will come to harm us, when those debts are called in, but for the time being we have no punishment for turning a blind eye, except the one that is handed down by our own conscience. We should be ashamed.

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– Donna Trimble